Spring Home Exterior Maintenance Tips


Spring is here!  Seriously.  While we did not have the usual winter weather this year, and there is currently snow on the ground,  it is still really important to inspect  the exteriors of our homes and property for any significant change or damage since last fall.  While many problems found can be easily addressed by DYI’s, you may want to consider some to be addressed by professionals.

  1. Roof – do a visual inspection for any broken or missing shingles, or missing shingles on all ridge and peak lines.  Also check out the condition of the flashing at chimneys, skylights and plumbing vents.  You may want to inspect these from the ground with the aid of binoculars.

  2. Gutters and Downspouts – do a visual inspection of all gutters and downspouts; remove all debris, tighten gutter nail/screw attachments at the roof eaves. Inspect all downspouts for proper drainage away from the foundation.
  1. Firewood – once the season is over for using a wood burning fireplace, relocate unused firewood away from the house; at least 2 feet from the house and 18 inches off the ground.
  1. Foundations – check your foundation for cracks. Severe cracks cannot be controlled by caulk.  These may require and epoxy injection system to bond the crack properly.  Check for ground settlement around the foundation which could lead to leaks in your basement.  Fill in low areas with compacted top soil, to re-establish proper grade.
  1. Outdoor A/C Equipment – inspect your A/C compressor; clean outside coils and clear all grass and plant growth from around the outside unit.
  1. Windows/Doors – Check all windows and door exterior wood trim for rot or insect damage. Check all weather seals for cracks and proper contact between surfaces.
  1. Trees/Shrubs – Trim branches of trees and shrubs from wall exteriors and roofs. While protecting your siding and shingles, this will also discourage squirrels, raccoons, mice and ants from finding a way into you home.
  1. Foundation Vents – If your house is on a crawl space, inspect all foundation vents for proper clearance and to make sure screens are clear and in place.
  1. Lighting – Check all outdoor lighting, flood lights, and landscape lighting to make sure all bulbs are functional and wiring is in good shape.
  1. Deck/Wood Porches – Inspect wood for sharp edges, splintering wood, protruding nails and loose rail connections. Check for racked or warped decking boards that may need to be replaced. Tighten or replace all mechanical fasteners.   Consider if it may be time to pressure was and seal wood surfaces.