Bathroom Remodel

Designing Your New Sanctuary

Bathroom Remodel

In the realm of residential remodeling projects, bathroom projects lead the charge.  There is a never ending list of new features and products you can add to your bathroom to upgrade the space.

  The bathrooms are no longer those utilitarian spaces in your home, but have developed into one’s sanctuary space, a place of luxury and convenience, a place to relax and unwind after a long day.  While the trend of remodeling bathrooms continues to be strong, they are one of the most expensive spaces to renovate and at times can be overwhelming to homeowners.

According to Remodeling Magazine  the average cost of a major bathroom remodel is between $17,000 – $57,000.

As you look to redesign the space, look to create a space that offers a focal point for things to be drawn to the eyes upon entering the room.  This could be a free-standing tub, a feature window, a nicely tiled shower enclosure or a floating vanity.  Making reasonable and long term decisions is critical to maximize your effort and investment while delivering an end result that will last for many years.

Remodeling Magazine reports that the National Kitchen and Bath (NKBA) released the results of it’s 2017 Trends Report.  The report revealed what’s popular in colors, finishes and design styles.

Here are a few of the top trends for the survey for baths:

  • White and gray remain popular choices for designers. Young homeowners are also interested blue, violet , and purple.
  • Wood vanities and linen cabinets are the most popular choice for storage solutions. Ceramic tile reigns supreme for flooring, but high quality laminate seems to be gaining More than half of those surveyed said they eliminated a tub from a remodel, but half also specified a freestanding tub.
  • Water-saving technology for faucets and toilets is becoming more mainstream.

In addition to these some additional trends are:

  • Heated Floors- most of us are familiar with cold tile floors in the bathroom. However, they do not have to be cold.  The easy solution is the installation of heated floor mats under the tile floor.  Not only will they warm your feet, they will help dry out moisture and humidity after bath and showering.
  • Technology- new technology is creeping into our lives everywhere; why not our bathroom? You can have a built-in audio system, chromatherapy, shower control systems for water temperature and pressure, and radiant heating mats in your tub just for instance.
  • Lighting- The latest trend for bathrooms is to make them brighter, either with natural light by adding windows, skylights, or, with artificial lighting, such as recessed lighting or the addition of indirect lighting that bounces off ceilings and walls.

So there you have some of the latest trends for bathroom remodeling projects.  All things considered, it’s still your bathroom and you need to select finishes and styles that suit your personal tastes.

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