Custom Finished Basements

Basement Renovations

Is your basement currently unfinished, or in desperate need of updating?    We can help you make better use of that space and add more value to your home.  Whether you want to make it a kids’ play area, man cave, gaming center, theatre room or a new living area, our designers will help you achieve your vision.   The best part of basement remodeling is that the space already exists; there is no need to excavate.  Also, utilities are generally close by, and the heating/cooling loads are usually lower than the rest of the house, which helps reduce challenges and lower costs when remodeling a basement.   There are still obstacles to overcome with basement remodels, such as dampness, limited natural light, ductwork and beams, and means of egress, but our team of experts is here to assist you in creating a new getaway for you and your family.