Giving Back to the Community –WorkCamp 2017

Arlington Diocesan WorkCamp is an international Christian Community, which provides approximately 800 youths the experience of direct service for the needy within the Catholic Diocese of Arlington.  Each summer, local high school students come together for an intensive learningRead more »

Basement Flooring Options

The Pros and Cons of Floating Wood Floors in Basements

Most would agree that hardwood flooring would be one of the more preferred floor covering options for basements.  Recent studies in residential remodeling support this trend.  The look of hardwood has a traditional look of luxury and beauty that offers a long lasting classic floor treatment.

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Aging in Place

Our country’s population is aging and the baby boomers are looking to enjoy their retirement years.  Many of these retiring seniors desire to continue living independently in their current home and avoid an assistance living residence as long as possible.

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