Top 10 Kitchen Remodeling Tips

  1. PLAN AHEAD- As you plan to redesign your kitchen, you should make functionality the #1 priority.
  1. SET PRIORITIES – The list of things you may want to do in your kitchen may be quite long. That’s fine if you have an unlimited budget.  Or, you can split your remodeling goals into “needs” and “wants”.  Once you get your needs included into the budget, then try to incorporate as many of your wants list with the remaining budget funds.

  1. SURFACE & SPACE – You can never have too much counter space. Also, the surface material you should be easy to work on, easy on the eyes, and low maintenance.  Consider quartz as a solid surface option.
  1. SUFFICIENT LIGHTING- Most older kitchens were set up with inadequate lighting.  While adding overhead recessed lights and pendants are helpful, they can still leave shadows on the working counter areas.  Consider under cabinet lighting that will shine directly onto the countertop.
  1. TRASH & RECYCLE- Be sure your new cabinet plan can accommodate a cabinet with roll out bins for trash and recycle.
  1. MORE POWER – With the increase of electrical appliances and personal media gadgets, more power sources are a necessity. Design in sufficient outlets, power sources and circuits to meet your needs on countertops and islands.
  1. QUALITY MATTERS – Select good quality cabinetry with plywood construction, good quality drawer slides and hardware. Avoid drawers that are stapled together.
  1. MESSAGE CENTER – For today’s busy families, a message center is a must. A space set aside for a calendar along with a white board or chalk board.
  1. FUNCTIONAL ISLANDS – Do not just design a block in the middle of the kitchen and place a counter on top. The island should be open and airy with minimal appliances; perhaps a cooktop or a prep sink at the most.
  1. SPEAK TO A PROFSSIONAL – Unless you are an experienced contractor, remodeler or a remodel savvy handyman, remodeling your kitchen can be extremely stressful. To relieve yourself of much of the headaches and stress; consult with a professional.